Monday, October 29, 2007

Pomotional art for GHOST ZERO

I was in the middle of working on my 8-page submission to Zudacomics (they go live tomorrow, by the way), and for some reason, had to stop and draw a cover. A cover that I can't even send in to Zuda (only 8 pages). That aside, I think it's my favorite piece of GZ art to date. Many thanks to friends Anthony Shiavino, Gary Epting and Eric Diaz for critiques.
Happy Halloween!


Jeff said...

Nice one...not to get all art school, but I like the backward "C" composition here. The loop from the logo, to the pistol-packin' ghost, and back to the clutching hand.

Boatwright said...

VERY nice. Reminds me of Tommy Lee Edwards' sequential stuff in a way. When do we get to see some of these new pages?

Don Gates said...

Really good stuff here, Dave!

Looking forward to more Rev stuff!

Anonymous said...

Hello Dave I'm RKB on Zuda. I like the look/ story in your comic. Reminds me of The wild one the sadist (great B&W movies) meets the shadow green hornet for pulp heros. Never would have known about if it wasn't for you info on Zuda. Really nice stuff hope Zuda gives you a shot.