Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Captain Spectre is back!!


One of the longest running and best known pulp webcomics out there is Tom Floyd's creation: CAPTAIN SPECTRE. I've known Tom for a while now, and have really enjoyed his webcomic and the work he's done for the Moonstone SPIDER anthology.
Well, the Captain had to take a bit of a hiatus there as Tom finished some Spider art and moved to a new location.

But now, he's back!

To honor the return of the good Captain, I did this piece of art for Tom to enjoy.

So take some time to head on over and peek at his archives! If you feel so compelled, sign up to become a Lightning Legionnaire.......I did!)

Oh, you can check out other pieces of my art at my deviantart site!

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Anthony Schiavino said...

This is an amazing piece Dave. The Moonstone Holiday special is out today which has a new story by Tom illustrating The Spider. Make sure to pick it up man.