Saturday, November 17, 2007


That's right, I've started a novel based on Ghost Zero. It's working title is MURDER MACHINE, and I plan for it to be the first in a series that expands on the webcomic adventure, adding depth to the GZ world. Here's the teaser:

"It’s 1948, and in Barron County, murder runs the roads. A series of weird hit-and-run killings get the attention of GHOST ZERO, the terrifying vigilante who can speak with the dead. Who or what is behind the grisly crimes? Can GHOST ZERO stop this menace without becoming a victim himself? Find out in THE MURDER MACHINE!"

Look for MURDER MACHINE in January 2008!

1 comment:

Don Gates said...

Oh, boy! *Rubs hands together gleefully*

Can't wait for this one, Dave!