Friday, November 09, 2007

Names have been changed to protect the innocent..

Are you ready for another change? Gosh, I sure am!
I know, I know...I just changed the title of the comic from "Tales of the Revenant" to "Ghost Zero: Tales of the Revenant", and now I'm changing more? You betcha.
From now on, Eddie's last name is going to change from Shaw to Quick.
Why, do you ask? Well, it's all part of my evil plan.
You see the Ghost Zero story is going to unfold in three large segments:
GHOST ZERO: Tales of the Revenant
GHOST ZERO: Quick and the Dead
GHOST ZERO: Living Deadman

See that middle one? That's why I changed Eddie's name. I think it's a nice tie-in, and the name Eddie Quick just sounds more pulpish without going over the top. There are 21 people living in the U.S. that have the name, so it's an actual name as well. You can check it out here: Enjoy, -Dave


David Gallaher said...

GHOST ZERO: Living Deadman

This title is actually my favorite

Dave_Flora said...

Thanks, David! The "mature" Eddie and the changes he's experienced should make him a blast to draw/write as well. So much to do....)